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Thank you for visiting The Silence of Vanishing Things, a space dedicated to finding a new narrative for this global moment of ecological collapse, one more human and humane. Here you can find sample poems and text excerpts from the book, media interviews and op/eds, and new writings featured in the blog. Thanks for visiting and enjoy your stay.

…tear down the walls, break up the categories, open the channels. Allow poetry to flow into science, science into prayer, prayer into nature, nature into poetry, and around and around let it go.


The Silence of Vanishing Things suggests an over reliance on scientific terminology and concepts is quietly undermining our ability to fully come to grips with the climate and extinction crises.  Through three essays and over sixty poems it calls for a simpler, more reverential idiom to help break the silence and engage the human spirit in the fight of our times.  Whether facing down Arctic drilling rigs from kayaks, exploring the role of poetry in the conservation effort, or delving into the ominous origins of the word “environment,” The Silence of Vanishing Things heralds a new narrative for the earth.

About the Book

Cascadia Weekly Feature:
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The elegance and power of poetry meet the substance of the most important issue of our time in Rob's brilliant book.


"You ask the essential question, I wonder where the howl is."

“Although most of us acknowledge intellectually that a planetary ecological collapse is underway, many of us do not engage emotionally. Rob Lewis is here to change that. He listens with the ear of the heart to the disappearing voices of the natural world. There is sorrow in these poems and essays, but there is even more joy. At once passionately political and deeply wise, this is work that aims to heal what has gone missing in humans themselves.” 

These poems move me to my very core.


about ROB

Rob Lewis is a poet, activist and house painter. His writings have been published in Dark Mountain, Manzanita, The Atlanta Review, Southern Review, Cascadia Daily, For the Love of Orcas Anthology and others. As owner of Earth Craft Painting he also works to revive the use of local wild clays to paint our work and living spaces.



May 3rd - Reading at Mount Baker Theater, Bellingham, Washington, For the Love of Orcas Anthology.

May 4th-5th - Presenting on the Narrative of Restoration, at the Global Earth Repair conference, Fort Warden State Park, Washington.

May 12th - Mother's Day reading at Port Angeles Fine Arts Center, Port Angeles, Washington


February 20th - Reading at Third Place Books

March 3rd - Reading at Orca Books


March 13th - Reading at Grass Roots Books and Music

March 29th - Author Event at Avid Readers

July 13th - Reading at the Planet Earth Poetry Series

August 4th - Reading at 1631 Celebration, Whidbey Island


September 5-9 - Attending Deep In Cascadia Poetics Retreat in Cumberland, British Columbia

Monday, September 10th - Reading at A Night of Cascadian Poetics at Russell Books in Victoria, British Columbia



The Silence of Vanishing Things is available for purchase from Village Books in Bellingham, Washington or online.
The Silence of Vanishing Things is available for purchase from Village Books in Bellingham, Washington
International buyers please place an order with your local bookstore.
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